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Providing comprehensive sleep training and support for you and your child ages 0-6 years

Providing comprehensive sleep support for young children (0-6 yrs)

We have all experienced sleepless nights with young children and understand the impact of lack of sleep on not only the child but on your entire family. At small sleeper our mission is to provide high quality, interdisciplinary, research based professional supports and services to families who have young children with sleep challenges. 

We offer a team-based approach recognizing that sleep challenges in young children can have many underlying and diverse causes
that may need to be addressed including health, nutrition, sensory and social- emotional.

What makes us different from other sleep consulting practices? We offer:

  • Licensed health care professionals

  • Interdisciplinary team

  • Research based practices

  • Personalized plans

Could my child benefit from sleep consulting?

Is your child waking multiple times during the night and not able to fall back asleep?

Does your child require an extensive bedtime routine to calm to sleep?

Does your child take short little catnaps?

Are you concerned about how feeding and nutrition are impacting your child’s sleep?


what we know

You are not alone. Up to 30% of parents report that their child
between the ages of 0-12 years has sleep issues. (Galland Taylor, Elder, & Herbison, 2012).

These child sleep problems also affects the well-being of their mothers. (Lam, Hiscock, & Wake, 2003)

Sleep problems at the age of 6-12 months predicted sleep and
behavioral issues at age 3-4 years. (Lam et al. 2003)

Sleep awakenings in infants and toddlers predicted sleep and self-
regulation difficulties throughout maturity. (Weinraub et al. 2012)

don't wait, address your child's sleep challenges now.


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