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should i consider sleep training and support for my child?

Are you getting up multiple times a night to help your child go back to sleep?

Are you concerned about how feeding and digestion are impacting your child’s sleep?

Does your child’s sensitivities to touch, movement, sights and sounds impact their ability to sleep?

Does your child have difficulty getting to sleep and then wakes easily?

Are you and your child sleep deprived?

if you answered "yes" to any of these questions, small sleeper is here to help.

Sleep coaching

One of the challenges that parents and families face is trying to sort through all of the reading material, books and advice from others
about child sleep. We know all of the research based approaches to help children get a good night’s sleep. 

Keeping these in mind, we will customize a sleep plan and support for you that reflects your individual parenting style, preferences and goals and your child’s needs. We use a variety of research-based approaches to support your child’s sleep recognizing that one size
does not fit all. We will share sleep schedules and supports that are developmentally and individually appropriate.

Whenever we develop a sleep plan, we recognize that the plan most often needs to be modified or tweaked therefore, we offer ongoing
as one of the options.

We use a strengths based coaching approach when working with families because we believe in building the capacity of the parents and caregivers so you can better support your child.

pediatric occupational therapy Services

Does your child need help to participate in activities and routines with your family, with friends, in the community or at school?

We support young children (0-6 years) in all areas of development including playing, motor skills, self help skill including feeding and sleeping, sensory processing skills, social emotional and cognitive skills.

nutrition services

We pair nutrition with our sleep services because we believe in treating through a holistic approach. By working with you to create a nutrition plan for your child, we can help create a schedule for your baby and suggest food that will lead to better and more regular sleep. Our team has a nutrition expert on staff to help craft and modify plans with you every step of the way.