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About Us

Our team consists of an occupational therapist, dietician, and nurse. Our backgrounds and specialties make us exceptionally qualified to help you and your child meet your sleep goals. Our mission is to improve your quality of life through better sleep. 

We were recently named on Tuck's "Best Sleep Consultants in the US" list. 


Dr. Ellen M. Pope
OTD/OTR Occupational Therapist
Certified Child Sleep Consultant

I have over 3 decades of experience with infants, toddlers and preschoolers including those with special needs. My practice has focused on using a family centered, coaching approach to support families with children with feeding issues, fine and gross motor issues, self help skills, sensory processing issues, self help skills and social emotional concerns. I became even more interested in learning about sleep when I recognized the huge impact sleep problems can have not only on the child’s well being and development but on the whole family’s well-being.

I have my clinical doctorate degree in Occupational Therapy and am a clinical assistant professor of Occupational Therapy at the University of Kansas Medical Center. I am certified by the Family Sleep Institute as a Child Sleep Consultant. 

I can share the pros and cons of each research based sleep method and approach and develop a plan with you that matches your parenting style and the temperament and needs of your child.


Ashley Dorssom
B.S. Health and Administration Policy
 A.S. Nursing

I have over five years of maternal and infant health experience.  This background has allowed me to work with expecting and new mothers and families regarding a variety of health issues from a nursing perspective.  I have a special interest in breast-feeding support and education.

I am also a mother to three young children; Stella 5, Vera 3 and James 1 year.  I have first-hand experience with challenges relating to raising children and how the different developmental stages affects their sleep patterns and needs.  In addition, I am a wife to an active-duty Air Force officer and know how transitions  and changes in family dynamics can affect sleep patterns.  

I hold a bachelors of science and health administration and policy from Creighton University and an associates of science in Nursing from the Troy University. I am also SIDS certified.


Nina Dougherty

I have supported the nutritional well being of families with infants and toddlers for over 25 years. How a child eats, eliminates, and grows impacts sleep and a family’s quality of life. Every facet of parenting becomes harder when a child doesn’t sleep well or long enough. My focus is identifying factors in play and then working toward solutions through a family-centered, evidence-based nutrition care process. Together we address issues of appetite, food intolerances, meal and snack patterns, age level feeding skills, health status, and so much more.

My master’s degree in Nutrition from the University of New Mexico and post graduate training with the LEND program, along with multiple trans-disciplinary trainings and collaborations have provide extensive experience with special needs and premature infants, feeding toddlers, food allergies, and digestive issues. 

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